About Us

The Laser Tag Manufacturers & Suppliers Alliance (LTMSA) was formed in November 2014 after the premier companies in the laser tag industry realized that prospective owners and developers needed a unified information source to help create a better laser tag business.

The LTMSA represents the best of the industry.  Our goal is to help future owners and operators become successful.  Providing useful information, sharing real world examples, showcasing successful operations and highlighting best practices can only help you grow your laser tag operation.

The companies that are part of the LTMSA are hand picked based on service and reputation.  Any laser tag manufacturer can join an association but only the best may be asked to join the alliance.


To drive economic growth in the laser tag industry through four key pillars: Information, Operation, Strategy and Cooperation

Information - To provide the best information to future owners and operators.
Operation - Share best practices and eliminate costly start up errors
Strategy - Successful operators only grow the laser tag industry.
Cooperation - Communication and long term success is in the best interest for both LTMSA supporters and their customers


To be the premier resource and advocate for the laser tag industry.

If you represent a manufacturer or supplier to the laser tag industry and would like to invited to join the LTMSA please use our Contact Form.